Plans and Pricing

Secure your website with an SSL certification.
Show visitors that your website is trustworthy and safe.

Protect One Website
$ 64 .99 a year
  • Secures One Domain
  • Available in DV, OV and EV SSL certificates.
Protect Multiple Websites
$ 169 .99 a year
  • Secures up to five domains
  • Available in DV, OV and EV SSL certificates.
Protect All Subdomains
$ 295 .99 a year
  • Secures one primary domain and unlimited subdomains
  • Available in DV and OV SSL certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. For instance, say a website visitor fills out information on a web form like a checkout page after placing an item into a shopping cart. An SSL certificate encrypts information once it is transmitted, to prevent hackers from capturing this information to exploit it.

The primary benefit of using an SSL certificate is to build trust with the client, also known as the website visitor. All of the major internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox will warn the user not to enter in information details of a website that does not have SSL encryption and so having one in place can prevent visitors from distrusting your website.

With shared web hosting, you are sharing resources such as CPU, RAM, and hard disk space with other users. In Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, you are given dedicated resources, along with root access to the server, however, you are required to manage the server yourself.

Our free SSL Certificates are powered by Lets Encrypt an open-source solution that offers standard 256-bit level encryption. Paid SSL Certifications have stronger encryption technologies, made to keep the most sensitive data hidden from hackers, and malware used for nefarious purposes.